Saturday, March 31, 2012

Simple Happiness

Can you think of anything better than spending a rainy Saturday afternoon in a coffee shop with a friend? 
I dare so no you can not think of anything better. 
This has to be my favorite part about going to school in Seattle. 
The rain tapping on the windows. 
People chatting. 
Working away on homework (ok maybe not so much part of the favorites)
Enjoying a delicious cup of coffee. 
And the company of friends. 
That's how I like to spend my day :)
I'll leave you with this photo of me staring at you creepy like because I was too scared to take a better picture! I hope you can't see me blushing because I think someone looked at me funny when this took...

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Well i haven't been what you might call "dedicated" to updating this little blog regularly now have i?
This time i won't make any promises to be better because it would seem that just isn't going to happen. 
i really enjoy *reading* blogs but then when i look at that little blank window waiting for my words i run in fear. Yes, i run in fear. But tonight i write. Just to fill you few readers in on my little happenings. 
School is starting again after a fun spring break. 
i spent the majority of my time doing the following:
Hanging out with friends.

 Watching soccer and spear-throwing    (also referred to as javelin). 

Enjoying yummy home cooked meals. 
Spending time with Eric.
Reading and watching the Hunger Games....finally. 
NOT doing homework - thought I wouldn't have to do any because it was a break but the siblings need help and who am I to say no? ;)
And simply loving the time spent around my family. Seriously the more time I spend away the more i realize just how much i love them. 
However, nose to the grindstone! 
I have classes to take having thankfully picked my major finally. 
Study abroad trips to plan. 
Adventures to be had. 
And to be honest I'm just excited to be back in Seattle :) 
Oh land of coffee....