Sunday, November 20, 2011

LC Volleyball - ROCK SOLID

Finally! A recap of volleyball state!
4th in state!! 
blue hair and team spirit! 
::the rock star server::
Can ya dig it? She can :)
*so incredibly proud of her!!!*
celebrating a point
look who showed up in the wrong colors to cheer for the best team! 
ready for that next ball
the whole clan all decked out. 

The Seniors with the trophy! 

Way to go lil sis I am so proud of you and the hard work you put into this! It was so much fun to watch you and I LOVE YOU! 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

In My Noggin'

Well I don't have that post of volleyball state yet (i'm waiting on some good pictures so just hang on! ) 
but instead I'll put off my homework a little longer and give ya'll an update anyway! Here are the top few things that are buzzin' around in my head! 
My Cali girl and I started the Jillian Shred level 3 on Monday and *OW* after taking a few days off in the middle I don't know if we were ready for that one! But doesn't matter to us we don't give up. 
I also need to start going to bed at a better time. I'll sit down at midnight and the next second it's 1:30....way past my bedtime! Maybe I should just wait til New Years and make that my resolution. 
Can you believe that we are already halfway through November already! I think we missed a few days in the middle somewhere... 
With the end of November coming up that means the Boy's birthday is coming up soon and I am the world's lamest gift giver combine that with the guy who needs nothing and has no ideas. That equals me with zilch. Great. Don't be surprised if I just give him a rock.
and finally 4.
I just registered for my classes next quarter and I'm rather (mostly) excited. I had to switch up my schedule a bit because apparently everyone wanted to take the same UCOR class I wanted. So I get to take Principles of Macroeconomics, Public Speaking, and Spreadsheets on Mon/Wed/Fri. As well as Beginning Voice and UCOR2000 on Tues/Thurs. That's a full 18 credits my friends! But I think it'll be fun, as fun as college classes can be that is.
On that note I should go finish those two presentations for this quarter! 

Monday, November 14, 2011


I have been such a slacker lately! 
No posts what-so-ever. 
Ok I think you all know that already. 
But never fear! I got to spend this last weekend cheering with my family for my lil sis at volleyball state in Yakima. 
So as soon as I get all of my pictures uploaded (I actually took pictures!!) I will provide a full update for your reading pleasure! 
So until then....
*ttfn* ta ta for now! 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

What's on my mind.....

Ever feel just weighted down? 
i certainly do. 
Life is good and i am incredibly blessed but i can't seem to shake the feelings of everything weighing me down. There are no big tragedies in my life and i'm even feeling like I finally have a semblance of a plan for the next while. So why do i feel so frustrated everyday? 

Last night i attended Generation Church with a group of friends and as soon as the first song started i began to cry. i don't particularly like crying especially in public but there was no stopping these tears. 
Maybe that's what i need. 
from my lovely friend Mikaela

i keep thinking i'm connecting to God but really i haven't done a whole lot to hold up my end of the deal. This continuous frustration may come from a deeper need to seek God more than just the little things i've been attributing it to. i'm excited to get together with my small group from church tonight and delve more into what His Word has to say. 
Maybe I can climb out of this emotional rut and get rolling again because i want to be happy about all the wonderful things that are happening in my life right now. 
Well now that I have dumped out all of my feelings and woes. I should keep working away at that stack of homework that needs to be done.