Friday, January 20, 2012


Wow! I thought this great city of Seattle would never get snow but SURPRISE! 
We got an entire week off of school because the wonderful white fluffy stuff :)
We went for a chilling walk to Queen Anne on Wednesday to Starbucks to do homework and man was it packed with people!! The line was to the door almost the entire two hours we were there. 

We have been trying to get out of the house so that we don't get cabin fever so we have gone on a few walks and enjoyed the cold air :) I didn't take my camera on many of the adventures (surprise surprise right?) but it's been fun to bundle up and spend quality time with my girls!

To be honest I don't mind the snow. Sure it's cold but I love it :) 
I'm a cold weather person at heart. Not cold-hearted mind you. 
Oh and look!

My siblings missed me so much they made a snow-lindsey just so we could hang out in the snow together! How sweet :)

Friday, January 6, 2012


For Christmas the Boy got me tickets to go see the musical Cinderella 
at the 5th Avenue Theater in Seattle!
He put such thought into this and I was super excited spend a fun evening out with him. 
Plus it gave me a chance to dress up - which I certainly didn't mind :)
Because we were both dressed up I asked for a few photos before.

doesn't he look handsome?
We had a great car ride down Seattle, I don't think there was a pause longer than 20 seconds the whole 2 hours. We somehow made our way into the parking garage without hitting anyone. 
We had time to grab dinner before the show and right across the street was a delicious restaurant by the name of Rock Bottom. We managed to get a table and I enjoyed a mac and chicken dish. YUM. 
We made our way to the theater with plenty of time to spare. 
It is a beautiful building with lots of details! I took a few photos with my very unprofessional camera so pardon their quality. 

The dragon on the ceiling and the light that hung from it. We wondered if they carved the dragon in one big piece then put it up, in chunks or put a big piece of wood for the ceiling then carved it out. (the last option was voted no pretty quickly but you never know - that is how the Sistine chapel was painted)

The play was wonderful and so much fun to watch! The effort that was put into the show was obvious and incredible. The costumes were amazing as were the sets and effects. It was a such a fun night! 
I'm thankful for someone to spend time with and who would be so thoughtful about such a wonderful evening. From a fun car ride to a great show to spontaneous desserts at 11 pm it was a great time and I loved every minute of it. 
The whole night made ME feel like I was actually Cinderella!