25 before 25

A list of 25 things I'd like to do before I turn 25! May not happen but it'd be great if I could cross everything off!  
     1.     Graduate college
     2.     Learn Dutch
     3.     Run a half marathon
     4.     Learn to dance
     5.     Learn to knit
     6.     Take massage classes
     7.     Learn to drive stick
     8.     Ride in a hot air balloon
     9.     Ride a Vespa/moped
   10. Ride in a limo
   11. Travel by myself
   12. Skydive
   13. Get a massage
   14. Get properly fitted
   15. Go through a ‘real’ car wash
   16. Visit all 50 states
   17. Watch a sunrise on a mountain
   18. Spend a night in a museum or a zoo
   19. Go surfing or the stand on a board and paddle thing
   20. Try out for America’s Next Top Model
   21. Go to a Seattle Seahawks game
   22. Write to my favorite author
   23. Write to the White House about something I’m passionate about
   24. Send a message in a bottle
   25. Pay for a strangers coffee/meal

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aunt renee said...

Tick-Tock-Tick-Tock. And it's aaaaaalllllmost your birthday!!!!

Tick. Tock.