Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Busy Busy Bee

Oh boy! It has been awhile hasn't it? Well it has been a fun two weeks so I will give an update for the few of you who would like to know! 
Two weekends ago, I spent a good 5 hours in stop and go traffic to get down to Newburg, Oregon to visit one of my lovely friends :) It was a lovely weekend getting to see her family and hometown. She took me to a lovely little coffee shop named The Coffee Cottage. We enjoyed fun drinks such as the Grasshopper, Golden Zebra, and Snickers. I really had fun meeting her family and spending time in Oregon :)
Then after that fun trip, Eric came to visit for President's Day!
It was wonderful to see him and spend time together.

We enjoyed a walk to Fremont to get yummy Blue Moon Burgers and Starbucks for me. He even stayed to watch the Bachelor with us!
Following this eventful weekend was just a busy week. Typical and of course boring to talk about.
THEN this weekend. Another trip down to Oregon but this time to watch the SPU Speech and Debate team in a tournament at OSU. It was really enlightening to watch the speeches and debates. As well as to understand more about what events I hope to be competing in next year!
And on the same page of making decisions.....

I'm headed to the Netherlands next year! I'm going to study abroad in Hague and I am so excited!

 I can't wait to go see the world and hopefully go on some exciting sightseeing adventures. Oh and of course get an education!
Well I think those are all of the exciting updates for me! 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Best Kind of Prize is a SURPRISE

Who doesn't love a great surprise? 
This weekend I was the master... well maybe not but I think I was pretty good. 
My Coffee girl was headed up to visit Western this last weekend and I thought "hmmmmm... what a great way to go visit the fam!" So I hitched a ride with her and secretly found a ride to go from Bellingham to my house. I had clued Bro #1 into the deal to be sure that they would be home. He kept a good secret from the rest of the clan as no one else knew I was coming. 
It was fun to see their faces when I showed up at home on Saturday afternoon! 
Because no one knew I was coming almost the whole family had plans for the evening except Dad and Bro #2. So we enjoyed grilled cheese (made by master chef Bro #1) and soup. 

Followed by a roaring fire just for me and a few games (which of course I won don't let the others tell you otherwise). 
Sunday was a day of worshiping at First Reformed and watching the Super Bowl at first Sunday of the month.  
Lesson learned: Do not bet on the game. Your 12 year old cousin will sweep the whole game and you will lose a dollar.
To top the whole weekend off Mom and Dad drove me back to Seattle and we got to talk together. 
I am so thankful for my lovely family and I couldn't have asked for a better weekend. 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Just so {loved}

Well I know I haven't bothered to write at all lately. I shall be blaming stress from a midterm in my Econ class and Voice class. Gee how I love singing in front of people just staring at me when I can't reach half the notes. NOT. But I digress. 
This little post is just a thank you to my lovely roomies. They manage to make me smile without even knowing how badly I needed it :) 
So thank you my lovelies! I'm incredibly thankful that I got to meet you and be stuck rooming with you!