Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Busy Busy Bee

Oh boy! It has been awhile hasn't it? Well it has been a fun two weeks so I will give an update for the few of you who would like to know! 
Two weekends ago, I spent a good 5 hours in stop and go traffic to get down to Newburg, Oregon to visit one of my lovely friends :) It was a lovely weekend getting to see her family and hometown. She took me to a lovely little coffee shop named The Coffee Cottage. We enjoyed fun drinks such as the Grasshopper, Golden Zebra, and Snickers. I really had fun meeting her family and spending time in Oregon :)
Then after that fun trip, Eric came to visit for President's Day!
It was wonderful to see him and spend time together.

We enjoyed a walk to Fremont to get yummy Blue Moon Burgers and Starbucks for me. He even stayed to watch the Bachelor with us!
Following this eventful weekend was just a busy week. Typical and of course boring to talk about.
THEN this weekend. Another trip down to Oregon but this time to watch the SPU Speech and Debate team in a tournament at OSU. It was really enlightening to watch the speeches and debates. As well as to understand more about what events I hope to be competing in next year!
And on the same page of making decisions.....

I'm headed to the Netherlands next year! I'm going to study abroad in Hague and I am so excited!

 I can't wait to go see the world and hopefully go on some exciting sightseeing adventures. Oh and of course get an education!
Well I think those are all of the exciting updates for me! 


Anonymous said...

O, Lindsey gr.D is so excited about it. So every thing has fallen into place?
What about seeing your relatives there?
Love, Gr.Dee

Lindsey Page said...

Everything is falling into place. I have a lot to do yet but at least this has been decided. I would *love* to see my relatives there! I was really hoping I could at some point meet them.

Anonymous said...

oh, oh! too excited! cannot find words to comment yet! so excited! tell more soon! Boy watched Bachelor? Hard to take in so much info!

Seriously... more details about your great sojourn to the Old Country. What school? ISS? (NO space cake for YOU!)

Anonymous said...

love, aunt renee