Thursday, November 17, 2011

In My Noggin'

Well I don't have that post of volleyball state yet (i'm waiting on some good pictures so just hang on! ) 
but instead I'll put off my homework a little longer and give ya'll an update anyway! Here are the top few things that are buzzin' around in my head! 
My Cali girl and I started the Jillian Shred level 3 on Monday and *OW* after taking a few days off in the middle I don't know if we were ready for that one! But doesn't matter to us we don't give up. 
I also need to start going to bed at a better time. I'll sit down at midnight and the next second it's 1:30....way past my bedtime! Maybe I should just wait til New Years and make that my resolution. 
Can you believe that we are already halfway through November already! I think we missed a few days in the middle somewhere... 
With the end of November coming up that means the Boy's birthday is coming up soon and I am the world's lamest gift giver combine that with the guy who needs nothing and has no ideas. That equals me with zilch. Great. Don't be surprised if I just give him a rock.
and finally 4.
I just registered for my classes next quarter and I'm rather (mostly) excited. I had to switch up my schedule a bit because apparently everyone wanted to take the same UCOR class I wanted. So I get to take Principles of Macroeconomics, Public Speaking, and Spreadsheets on Mon/Wed/Fri. As well as Beginning Voice and UCOR2000 on Tues/Thurs. That's a full 18 credits my friends! But I think it'll be fun, as fun as college classes can be that is.
On that note I should go finish those two presentations for this quarter! 

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chandler christine said...

i 100% thought you said "call girl" instead of "cali girl" and had to reread it hahaha.....
are we still taking macroeconomics at 11am together?!