Friday, August 12, 2011

these days

isn't life great sometimes? 
those days you just get a *HUGE* grin on your face and don't care how loudly you sing in the car? 
yup i may or may not have had one of those days. everything just fell into place just the way it should. 
life is good isn't it? 
here is a small update on what i've been up to lately.
workin those raspberries has been fun...
workin with friends, beautiful scenery, and a great tan. 

thats what i get to see everyday. i just wish it had been clear that day because then you can see the beautiful canadian mountains. 

next on the agenda is the NWW Fair. 

that will be a new experience trying a job i've never done before but a fun one. *if anyone is up for a day at the fair just give me a call!* i'm most excited about all the yummy foods! say poffertjes, mini donuts, lemonade, fried candy, funnel cake, and more. it's enough to get your taste buds all sorts of excited! 

i hope this passes as a blog post and you all don't regret reading about my little life. i'm just realizing i don't know what to do with those ideas i said i used to have! 

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chandler christine said...

linds i love this! it is a WONDERFUL blog's so you :) and ps: i wanna come to the fair!! i'm free most of the week ;)