Monday, November 19, 2012

finally an update!

15-19 october
monday morning i traveled back to den haag in time for my dutch class and that evening i was able to skype with my little sister! 
tuesday was more classes and then a fun night out with friends. but the best part of the night was when i came home and found this waiting for me at my desk! 

total score! thank you aunt manjo for all the fun surprises! i've been sharing and all my friends are super thankful too! 
wednesday was a day of accomplishing tasks and getting assignments turned in. in the evening we went to a film about prostitution around the world. it was interesting to learn about the different attitudes and what the women involved think. it was also sad to see how some people are so trapped that they already know it is the only way for their children to go. after the thought provoking film we went to get some very yummy chinese food for dinner which was fun. anytime we can get together is a great time! 
thursday was a fairly relaxed day then in the evening i headed over to meet up with the others in the school. our school has a bar in it! the attitude concerning drinking is very different here and that is especially apparent when you realize that it is even in the school! it was a halloween theme for the night and it was fun to meet new people there and spend time with friends. later that night we went out to a classly little place named Millers which was opened specially for students. it's great to explore new places especially when you can get in for free! 
friday morning i had a meeting for a group project then meet up with my friend M and talked with her until i had another meeting with K. wow do i just sound busy! that afternoon M and B and i wanted to bike to Delft because we knew it was within distance. we set off a little later than we had expected and got a little lost along the way. 

we ended up getting there right about closing time so unfortunately there wasn't much to see. 

the church and all the shops were closing so we walked around the square for a bit and then promising to come back again, set off for home. we needed to get some rest as our big trip to Italy was next! 

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