Monday, August 27, 2012

busy summer!

wow it has been a very busy summer! i was lucky enough to snatch a few days with eric before he left for Guam and work started for me. berries were the job of the summer again and it was a lot of very long days. for the first long while we did not get to wash our pickers in the daylight! we would come home, brooke and i from the same field and tonka from any number of fields and share all of our stories from the day while eating a second dinner of leftovers, shower, then straight to bed. long exhausting days but worth the fun and paycheck at the end!
after working/playing in the raspberries came the Northwest Washington Fair! same as last summer i worked the position of Food Vendor Auditor. it was even more fun this year because we finally knew what we were doing and i knew many of the vendors from last year. i think that may have been my favorite part was really getting to know the people there. then for Saturday night one of the vendors was a man short for their booth and asked me to help them out! well sure! so i was given the task of trying to convince people they should try the yummy cinnamon roasted nuts that we were making. i can’t convince you to take one but they were scrumptious! {my favorite was the pecans yummmm} 
but after a fun week working the fair there were only a few days left in which to pack. and pack we did! on my second to last night home we had a going away party {or finally getting rid of lindsey party – however you want to look at it}. I loved being able to see loved ones just before leaving. almost all the family came as well as some of my friends from home and school. they made the night perfect. thanks to everyone who came to see me off!
the next day was saying final farewell to the girls who had come up to say goodbye and to finish packing. we got everything finished and i even was able to enjoy some last time with eric. can’t believe i’m leaving!!

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