Monday, August 27, 2012

day 19/20/21/22

WOW. it’s taken almost 2 months to finish telling you all about the final days of our trip?! That’s just sad. but life is busy so i’ll simply recap the end of our road trip for you all. we enjoyed one final day with the cousins simply relaxing and spending time together.
then the next morning it was time to roll out for home! we stopped in souix center and picked up donna to bring her to deadwood with us. we cruised into South Dakota making a quick stop at Wall Drug but we had bigger things to see! 

we continued on unto we came to Mt. Rushmore. here we stopped for a bit to view the landmark. 

just being normal. don't worry about it

from there we continued to Deadwood! we stopped by her friends house as they had gracious opened their home to us for the night before heading into town. we were treated to a delicious Chinese meal made specially for us before donna hustled us to where the re-enactment of Wild Bill’s shooting was to take place. tim and derek were the first to volunteer to be part of the re-enactment but when the gentleman came over to get them, he took brooke, tonka and i instead! something about better looking? not sure. so i was cast to play the role of Charlie Rich the man who was unwilling to give up his seat at the table because he was winning. brooke was the part of the bar owner and tonka was the old washed up military man who is hit by the bullet in the arm. 

we played a rousing game of go fish as the scene played out and did a great job of trying to chase down the killer.
after our stunning performance we moved down to the courthouse to watch the trial of McCall for killing Wild Bill. now the younger boys were enlisted to be jury members. there were also various people pulled from the audience to act as witnesses in the trial.

tonka was pulled up to play the part of a past employer. unfortunately his script was lost and he had to wing it.  

his first question was “How many years has McCall worked for you?” Tonka answered confidently, “19 years!” 
ummmm no. not quite. 
after slowly working to the correct length of time {5 months for those who are curious} *ta da* his script was found! however from there things only got worse for him. he was found out to be Shelby the Snake Boy! also known to be of an evil nature but not to be tried today.
mom was also pulled up to be a witness in this trial! the court clerk was quite smitten by her charming looks! 

he even fashioned a paper rose for her and tried to sit next to her in the audience. but do not worry dad was there to be sure that she was not stolen by any men missing a few of their teeth.
after the show we had just enough time to compete with each other on the go-kart track! 

tim was spun around a few times and derek was stuck with the slow kart so everyone passed him but it was a total blast!
that night we had our last shower of the trip and a nice warm bed before the last two days home.
the last full day of driving started at a decent time with everyone rolling out of bed and right into the rv. we quickly came to Wyoming, only stopping to snap a photo. 

then it was into Montana once again only stopping to snap a photo to round out our collection of state photos. 

we drove all day until we finally came to a stop for the night at a Jellystone Park themed campground. i’m sure many of you remember Yogi Bear and this camp certainly loved it!  we enjoyed ice cream and time together on our last night with good ol’ Abner.

LAST DAY of our adventure was actually quite unadventurous actually. we didn’t even stop to get out in Idaho and almost missed Washington because we are not conventional in our state apparently. 

instead of having the welcome to Washington sign on the right side of the road like every other state we entered it was on the *left* side! luckily we were able to pull off and take a final state photo with Abner. we made it home at a decent time and quickly cleaned out the rv from our wonderful trip. johnny had a friend waiting for him on the back door and eric even came to help. 

it felt good to be home but wow did we have a good time on the road!

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