Thursday, June 28, 2012

day 18: sunshine and summertime

just another lovely lazy day. it was a hot one! 
i got to try out the moped and check that off my list! 1 down, 24 to go! 

we stayed inside to stay cool and dad needed the computer to do email. however he hasn't been on there in a very long time because he uses his fancy phone to do everything, so he didn't know how to operate the trackpad. after watching him struggle for awhile derek finally came over and helped out. 

after lunch everyone loaded up the cars and headed over to the van ginkel house to play for the afternoon. jordan managed to get tonka upstairs and a little while later he came down dressed like this...

so precious! 
we played plenty of card games and enjoyed tacos for dinner. we played outside while the fireflies came out and until the bats scared mom inside. 

then all the kids settled down to watch cinderella until it was time to head home. 
only a little bit longer until we have to leave 

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