Sunday, June 17, 2012

day 8: relax

we decided that we had had enough of the box for a day! so we are taking the day to just relax on this father's day sunday by chilling by the pool and hanging out in Tucumcari. it's nice to enjoy the sunshine and spend sometime by the pool on this vacation. we won't even be behind on our trip! 
it's a dream world!
dad taking a nap with the creepy kids watching....

swimming in the pool - it was a hot day!

 laying out in the sun

HAPPY FATHERS DAY! we love you and wouldn't trade you for any other dad in the world!


Anonymous said...

Hey Pager! Grandma and I are sitting in a coffee house in Seattle and read Every word of your blog. What fun we had looking at the pics and talking about you guys. Be sure to look both ways before posing at the route 66 sign painted on the road. :-). We love you guys!

Anonymous said...

From Grandma York:
Love the blog, read it every night, look forward to it. Thank you so much for it. Love you all!

Natalie said...

LP Sizzle I love reading your blog about the family adventure!! Glad you guys are having a wonderful & TY for letting us all share you journey! Amazing pics! :-) XOXOXO Natalie

Sara Joy said...

Oh my gosh, the creepy kids are TOTALLY watching him sleep. (LOL)