Saturday, June 16, 2012

day 6: standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona. such a fine sight to see

            we decided to head back to Williams to see what we had missed the day before. we walked around for a bit and saw the town, which included a cool old western set up inn. 

we continued driving until we came to Flagstaff which didn’t have much for historical sites save some cool old hotels and a museum. we kept on rolling to Winona which was small and we were able to make up a lot of ground to be sure that we can get through the whole route in 2 weeks! the next stop was the Twin Arrows, it’s not actually a stop but rather an old building and the old arrows that marked the trading post. too bad this fell to the wayside. 

so we kept rolling past Two Guns, all that remains of this building are the two stone pillars that marked the front entrance. we thought about stopping at the Meteor Crater but decided the Grand Canyon the day before had been so much cooler. so we moved onto Winslow, the town made popular again by the Eagles song “Take it Easy” we found the corner that is dedicated to the song and after doing some looking/shopping around we were sitting on the park bench. a group of bikers walked past and asked if we would be willing to take photos for them with about 8 cameras. we laughed and agreed. they were a pretty funny bunch and they even took a photo for us. it’s fun to see the people that are also doing route 66 and have the opportunity to talk to them. 

after repeatedly singing the same line we thought we should move onto the next town. next stop was Joseph City, rather the Jackrabbit Trading Post. this has been a staple for route 66 travelers for years and we made a stop. we liked the trading post and the owner was incredibly nice. but there wasn’t anything else really to see in Joseph City but a plate about how the town was started. 

so we wound our way to Holbrook where mom just had to see the other Wigwam Motel that is on route 66. we ended up taking in the petrified forest and painted desert for a few hours before heading back to find the Wigwam Motel. it was filled with old cars and still had the original paint but they were all booked for the night. 

so we grabbed dinner and figured we should get into New Mexico before calling it a night. we made it to Gallup, New Mexico and a new time zone just in time to pull into a USA RV Park for the night. 

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