Tuesday, June 12, 2012

day 1: life is a highway

            “…i want to ride it all night long!” the first day of the grand adventure started with a morning of packing and loading the RV which has tentatively been named Abner. we all wore our cool matching shirts that brooke designed just for the trip. 

a quick stop to say goodbye to family and get some photos while we still all love each other. kidding of course. then it was time to hit the road! we blasted through Washington in a couple of hours which were filled with good music, laughter, Uno, and waving at other motorists. 

we quickly found out just how much noise this thing makes! it sounds like every little piece is rattling, so if we can’t hear when we make it home again you’ll know why! 

we made it to the Oregon border at about 8pm and stopped for dinner just past Portland. After getting a bite to eat we let tonka sit in the front passenger seat and he promptly got us onto the northbound interstate. so we did a quick loop back up to Portland and headed back down on our way. we drove until we found a rest stop a couple miles north of Cottage Grove and all crawled into bed around 11pm. we looked so cool parked by all those semtrucks. Brooke and I had the best spot to sleep in the upper bunk in the very front of the rv. 

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Onita76 said...

yay! have a great trip :D can't wait to see you guys very soon!