Tuesday, June 12, 2012

day 2: i can see for miles and miles and miles

            the second day of our trip started at the bright hour of 7am. dad and mom got the beast rolling while the kids all slept for a couple more hours. as we rolled into Medford, OR we rolled out of bed and grabbed a quick breakfast. but we still had the hardest pass in the states to tackle. the gas station attendant told us that this is the most difficult pass for trucks to get over. oh goodie for us. on the way up we saw quite a few semis on the side going slower for the climb. we got the top just fine but then began the downhill. really it was no big deal, no overheating or brake problem and we crossed over into California at about 11am. 

the third state on our conquest proved to be hot and fairly monotonous. there was excitement from the kids as we passed the town “Yolo”. the kids had to explain to the parents that YOLO stands for You Only Live Once and it’s a common catchphrase among the youth. other than that and a bunch of stops for gas, snacks and even more games of Uno there wasn't much excitement. 
brooke wouldn't stop singing the title song across most of california

we just kept truckin through until we stopped in a rest stop in Buttonwillow, CA for the night at around 9pm. after a long day of driving everyone fell asleep within the half hour.
lookin so cool by more semis.


chandler christine said...

hope and i passed yolo on the way down to california and freaked out hahaha....thanks for capturing your trip! now i can live vicariously through you :)

Lindsey Page said...

haha we missed all the signs that said it though!! Hope your summer is going well :) what have you been up to?