Thursday, June 28, 2012

day 17: water fight!

what a crazy day! 
brooke and i took the opportunity to head into town to drop some postcards off at the post office and then stop by the library. hehe. when we came back we were ambushed by nick and tonka with water guns!! we threw on our swim suits and all chaos broke out! what started with just a few kids and buckets of water being thrown around quickly moved to the dads joining in and unhooking the sprinkler to use the hose and then the moms joined in after a mastermind attack from emery on onita. it was parents versus kids and it was fun! the kids were constantly running back to the side of the house to fill up buckets and ambush the parents as the moms stood guard around the edges of the lawn trying {and failing} not to get wet while the dad used their hoses to get anyone within reach. 
it was fun and certainly helped to cool off the hot day. after everyone was tired out we left the sprinkler under the trampoline and just lounged and dried off before getting ready to go to derek's baseball game. 
he played a great game! 

ignore tonka - he still doesn't understand how to smile

after cheering for him we went home and a fun game of bs all around the dining room table. 
so far it's been a perfect vacation :)

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