Wednesday, June 20, 2012

day 10: Oklahoma is the place to be!

we wanted to hit the road by 8:30am this morning but a couple of phone calls to see if we could get ol’ Abner fixed held us up for a bit. we finally got out of the site and into Clinton which holds the Route 66 Museum. it was a beautiful and neat with loads of information! the whole museum was divided by decade and when you walked into each room there was a button that played a song from that time. it was really fun to walk through and see so much. outside there was also a restored Valentine Diner which unfortunately we couldn’t go into. 

from Clinton we blasted to Oklahoma City to visit a mechanic to check on ol’ Abner’s leak. it was a simple matter of getting a new seal so the girls and timmy wandered around the downtown area of Oklahoma City while the two John’s waited for the rv to be fixed. we walked past the banjo museum but didn't go in. we just got a cup of coffee and enjoyed the warmth while daydreaming about fixing up the twin arrows. once everything was fixed we were ready to go again – off to navigate the odd freeway system in Oklahoma. 

we continued out of Edmond into Arcadia where Pop’s is located. as we came up to it we saw the 66 foot tall led pop bottle. this was a really cool store/diner which had over 500 kinds of pop! the food was amazing and it was so cool to look at all the flavors of pop all in glass bottles. we got some grape NEHI’s in memory of Radar from the old show M*A*S*H and i got a bottle of peanut butter and jelly soda. haven’t tried it yet! 

those are all pop bottles in the windows!

 just down the road was the round barn which was already closed for the day but we walked around the outside.

 from this point it was just a few small towns: Chandler, Stroud, and Bristow.

 a bit after that we were on our way to Sapulpa when we saw a turtle on the road! just after we passed him, he started to cross. of course dad wanted to see it so we turned around. we were worried he wouldn’t make it across the road without getting hit so dad jogged out to him and started to carry him across. when all of a sudden large amounts of liquid came pouring out onto dad’s feet! no idea if it was water he was carrying or turtle pee but it was funny! 

Turtle saved we continued on the route 66 until we saw signs for camping at Heyburn Lake. it was a quiet little lake with few people around. we made a campfire and talked until it was finally time for bed. 

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Sara Joy said...

Ahhhh hahaha. Tell your dad I said "Thanks for saving the turtle"

I had NO idea there was so much cool stuff on Route 66. Your blog is making me want to check it all out soooo bad. Especially the old spray painted cars.

Keep ol' Abner safe and keep having fun. Love this blog so much. Thank you.