Saturday, June 2, 2012

love these girls

this last year i have had the utmost privilege to meet with the greatest girls once a week to discuss life and faith. they offered a safe place to laugh and share troubles. 
i feel so blessed to know each and every single one of these beautiful ladies. 
we spent time exploring different books of the Bible as well as the book The Search for Significance together. 
i loved hearing their insights and praying with them each week. 
these thursday nights taught me more about myself, my Lord and my faith while creating friendships.
this time has brought me closer to God and been *such* a blessing. 
thank you to each one of you and i love you!

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alysonjoy10 said...

You have a beautiful spirit. Don't you forget that. However, I will be telling you that even from spokane. You can count on that. :) love you lady.