Thursday, May 31, 2012

gettin there

can i just say i'm super excited to be almost stuck in an rv with my family? 

but in order to jump into the many busy summer adventures i must finish the school year first. 
harder than it sounds folks. 
for example here i sit typing to you instead of how my view on the Bible has changed or what i thought of a book about economics. i know you'll all agree that this option was much more fun. 
this also helps me not to think about having to leave my friends and not getting to see them for a long time. or going off to a foreign world where i don't know a single person. 
nope not thinking about any of those things. just the fact that i have exactly one week before i pack up this cute little apartment and head out for traveling new places. 

in other news i am so proud of my little sister for placing 11th in all of washington 1a state for javelin!! 
and congrats to the rest of the family for being able to make the trek from lynden to cheney and back in just 20 hours. judging by that trip i think there are a few of us that are lovingly hoping a certain tall teenage boy loses his voice. and that lindsey needs enough sleep or it's not so much fun anymore. 
and just a couple photos that i managed to find/take before my battery didn't like me.... i think it's time to find a new one before all the adventures begin
brooke, her friend lindsey, and their amazing coach

tim thought he would be funny and pull a face
jokes on you now tim! 

brooke lined up with the other girls in her flight

so powerful
way to go brooke! 
so proud of you!

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chandler christine said...

your family's BLUE eyes....i'm speechless. can i be adopted into your family??
love you linds! we're almost there!