Thursday, May 10, 2012

*20* years

happy birthday to me.....
(wow that sounded more self-centered than i anticipated) 

Wow this is incredibly late! BUT i am so thankful to everyone who was so great by spoiled me with love and good food that I think they still deserve credit! 

the weekend long fun began friday night when eric came over and took me to the coolest dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory. we had the coolest seat in the entire house! there was a real trolley in the restaurant and our table was right against the front of it so that the headlight was the lamp for our table. we got to sit in these big wingback chairs and even enjoyed spumoni just as a newlywed couple came in still dressed from the ceremony! it was so fun to enjoy time with eric and to talk and laugh. 

the next morning we headed over to Sammammish High School to watch brooke throw javelin! i got to enjoy a venti vanilla bean frapp with two shots and caramel. eric may call me a coffee addict but i prefer caffeine achiever. :) we sat and waited for a few hours chatting and enjoying the meet. finally brooke got to throw and she did great! we were the last people to leave but it was fun to watch her :) for dinner eric took us out for red robin burgers. yum :) then we hung out until eric had to leave. it was fun to hang out with my sister because we haven't seen each other in so long!

in order for her to get home the whole family had to come down to get her! we went out to Blue Moon Burgers and ate delicious food. then we wandered around the Fremont Market for awhile until we headed back to enjoy the yummy chocolate cake mom had brought down!

after they all headed back north my friends took me out to dinner at the coolest place! it is called The Lunchbox Laboratory and it was so neat! i can't wait to go back.

all in all it was a fantastic weekend of good company, tons of good food, and just plain fun.
thank you to everyone who made me feel so special :)
i can't believe i'm 20 now!! 

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