Tuesday, May 22, 2012

don't worry.

the school year is counting down! 
everyone keeps saying only 2 weeks left! 
but that's ok because it is almost over and then we get to enjoy sunshine without worrying! 


the main reason for this post. 

you may remember this post. i'm proud to say that i'm on my way to being better like i hoped. 
but today i happened to see this post from Bits of Splendor. it helped to reaffirm that i can keep working at things without being perfect. nice to hear near the end of the school year while trying to nail down decisions. 

so if you need a boost hop over here and check it out

that's all for now! 
only 2 weeks to go :)

1 comment:

aunt renee said...

nope, 1 week. from yesterday.

tick tock tick tock

c'mon. big finish. almost there.

atta girl.