Saturday, September 22, 2012

nose to the grindstone

17-20 september
week two of classes! 
what could be more exciting! 
however that is the reason that i fly across the ocean for this whole grand adventure. 
so work i must. 
i ended up dropping a couple of classes because i was *way* over the recommended credit load. 
so my week looks like this

dutch - 16.30-18.00
dutch -12.15-13.00
ctrl, alt, del - 13.00-14.30
cost accounting - 15.30-16.15
ctrl, alt, del - 8.45-12.45
cost accounting - 14.45-16.15
into to dutch culture - 16.30-18.00

you may notice that friday is missing. oh how very observant of you! i do not have classes on friday which is great because it gives me the chance to be caught up on homework.....or to travel and have some fun. same thing right? 
this last week i was able to skype with ej which was a great hour. i had a big presentation due tuesday that was worth 15% of my grade but our group rocked it. wednesday night i enjoyed mushroom soup at a friends house and went to a lecture after. thursday night was an incredibly fun time at a friends apartment just chilling and just having a ton of fun. 

it's fun when there is a network of people you can just call up and say 'hey what do you want to do?' knowing that whatever happens will be a good time :) 
it was certainly true of thursday night and i'm sure it will be for many more evenings!

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