Saturday, September 29, 2012

remember this moment for the rest of our lives

21-23 september
the weekend was quite an adventure! the good times started on friday afternoon when my friend and i hopped on a train to amsterdam for a Macklemore concert.
the idea for this concert started the very first night i was here in den haag. i met this girl at the pub and we got to talking. she found out i was from seattle and told me she was a huge fan of a rapper {Macklemore} from there! furthermore he was coming to amsterdam! she asked if i wanted to go and in my want to explore everything here and sleep deprived state i told her *of course i'd love to go!*
almost a month later it was really happening!

we made it to amsterdam and took a tram to the right area that we needed. we were a couple hours early so sat down for a quick drink before the show. they started letting people in about an hour before the start of the show and we were part of the first 20 or 30 people in line. we got in pretty quickly and after checking our coats we wandered in to check out how close we could get to the stage. extremely close as it turns out! it was a fairly small venue and we got within a couple people of the stage.

we hung out and made friends with a few people who had come all the way from spain for this concert as more people began to fill the room.
at 8.30 a pair of rappers came out and did a set. they were pretty good however they only spoke in dutch. we had no idea what they were saying! so we enjoyed the music and pretended to know what was going on. after they left there was about a half hour wait until Macklemore finally came out.
he was amazing and the crowd was insane! it was a sold out show of 700 people and the entire area we were was a sold mosh pit!

there were great songs and it was incredible to listen to him perform. near the end of the show he even dove into the crowd! after the crazy fun that was the concert we hopped in line to meet Macklemore!

he was incredibly nice and willing to talk to us. SO MUCH FUN. that's what i get for saying yes to things when i have no idea what i'm getting myself into.
the next day i had an appointment to pick up my bike!
now i really fit in here.

the afternoon was spent then spent at the market with my friends. its a very large and busy place where you can get lots of fresh food, especially fruits and veggies, for very little money. there are also sections for clothing, appliances, household goods. you name it and it is somewhere in the market. after loading our pantries with food we headed home to work on homework for a couple hours. we met up again to cook a delicious dinner of mushroom soup and sweet potatoes. we had a good time discussing all manner of topics before rounding out the night at dutch friends house for his birthday.

sunday in the hague was international peace day. my friend from Estonia and i went to visit the Estonian Embassy and i was able to hear more about her country and hope i can go visit some day!
after the visit we went to a cute little sandwich and coffee shop before heading home to do laundry and homework. i even got to skype with brook-ya! i'm so excited for her to finally be in seattle! can't believe she grew up so fast!

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