Wednesday, October 10, 2012

a month already?!

24-27 september
back to the grind again on monday. luckily my class starts late in the day so i can take care of errands and take my time in the morning. i got to skype with ej because he happened to wake up really early and i was online so i got to talk to him for a bit which was lovely. i also had to meet with my group for one of my classes but other than that it was a rather chill day.
tuesday morning i had to make my way to the immigration office to pick up my residence permit. apparently americans are burgers. you are what you eat?
my residence permit card to study here. there is no way i'm showing the front of this card. my photo looks terrifying. 
speaking of americans. it is rather interesting to be one surrounded by so many people from so many places. my dear friend wrote a fantastic post about it and i don't think i could have said it better myself. so please do go read it.
the rest of the day was filled with classes and learning. but the evening was the big gathering for international students that happens every tuesday night. i met up with some friends before going and we all hung out at our friends apartment near my house before heading out. we got there by about 11.30 and had a total blast before going to bed *way* too late.
8.45 classes come way too early i'm telling ya. after 4 hours of listening to student presentations i was ready to be done! after a quick lunch i met up with two friends to go on a cultural activity and view the Panorama Mesdag!

it was stunning. basically it is a large dome shaped room that is painted to look like the beach and town back in 1880. there was even sand added to make one feel like you were actually there. out of the corner of my eye i was waiting for the flags on the ships to start moving in the wind that i could almost feel on my face. if you ever have the chance to go it would be well worth a visit.
the rest of the evening was spent doing homework and planning my trip to italy!! i am so excited for autumn break as the first couple of days will be spent in italy with good friends and then i will leave them to go to london to visit my dear Chandler who is studying there!
{side note it was also little bro's bday but i missed getting to skype him to sing him a terrible rendition of happy birthday}
thursday was a delightful day with only two classes. one seminar for accounting and then a lecture on water management in holland. after the lecture a few of us headed back to my place to make a light dinner and relax. a few more friends joined up and then we headed to the centre to a friends apartment to make pancakes! yum i'm so glad this is becoming more of a weekly tradition. we tried something new this time and added a cinnamon swirl to the center of the pancakes to make them like big cinnamon rolls. it was a good call! they were scrumptious to compliment the fun evening with good friends.
there was a big gathering of people in the same building as thursday nights tend to be student nights on the town. so we all headed down to chill with more people before heading out to Miller's, a higher class bar. even here good conversations abounded and it reminds me how lucky i am to come here to meet so many new people with such different backgrounds and views on life.
i can't believe i have been here for a month already!
{sorry for the lack of photos! look up the panorama - it was beautiful and they wouldn't let me take any photos inside}

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