Thursday, October 25, 2012

just another day in the life

1-4 october
i think i have finally settled into a sort of routine here. trying accomplish homework, spending time with new friends, biking to run errands all done with a deep love for this city. 
this week wasn't too eventful.
monday was just taking care of errands and getting the chance to skype my coffee girl! unfortunately her mic or something wasn't working so i couldn't hear her but she could hear what i was saying and type out responses. it made for an odd kind of conversation but i was so glad to finally get to talk to her! after talking to her for about an hour i also got the chance to speak to ej! it was wonderful to see his face and to hear what he has been up to. only 3 months until i get to see him again!
tuesday and wednesday were simply classes and tackling homework. wednesday night headed over to K's house for dinner and then went out with the girls to grab some dessert. we couldn't find any open gelato places so we cruised by the grocery store and picked up a carton of ice cream and a sort of pie that as the box described "smiling from under a blanket of crumbly goodness" or something of the sort. after yummy desserts we all snuggled down to watch The Emperor's New Groove.
thursday morning i grabbed coffee with my good friend that i went to the concert with and met with my group to tackle another of our many papers. That night was a big night out but not too big because the next day we were headed to BRUSSELS!

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