Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bon Voyage!

Headed back down to SPU and higher education! 
Now that I have been down here for a few days already let me finally show you what's been going on! 
I'm really on top of things aren't i?
In my defense however I have been dealing with a cold. By now the sniffles are less but my voice has taken on a lovely squeak which my roomies find oh so funny. 
Well onto more fun topics shall we? 
Like my lovely apartment! 
I only have a small number of pictures {and not very good ones at that}
So I will take you on a short tour of our humble abode for the next few months! 

 First we have the living room. It's still not decorated but we are looking forward to making it warm and homey! 
This will be where we chill with friends and do all that super smart homework. 
Cuz that's all college students do right? 
Study study study study.
 Oh and where i'm hoping to do some 30 day shred starting soon! 
Gonna get ripped! 
Now we will move into the dining room that you can hardly see and the kitchen.
 Our dining room has a lovely sliding door to the itty bitty balcony and a fantastic view of the canal. And our kitchen. YUM :) Can't wait to cook all sorts of yummy meals and treats. 
Just to counteract the working out that I will be doing. Real smart I'm sure. 
And moving on.....

..... to see the super cute aprons that Grandma Dee helped me with {basically did all of} for the lovely girls of this apartment! 
Thanks to her for spending time to pick out each fabric specifically and put them together. 
They are *Stunning* 
at least they are to me :) 
And now into my half of the bedroom that I get to share with my Cali girl.
 It's a little messy here {or a lot...} but that would be my fault.
Oh and you see that wood box like structure just laying all over the floor. Yeah I was building a cabinet. No big.
Not like my dad builds houses for a living or anything.
 I learned from the best. {Except the part where I put the back on backwards. Yeah we won't tell anyone about that part} 

 **TAH DAH**
A clean room and a lovely finished bookcase :)
I even was able to tan two of my lovely friends! A big thanks to them for letting me tan them and helping me to jump this off the ground!
So that is my exciting first half week back in Seattle.
More groceries tomorrow and getting rid of this squeak.
Oh and homework.
Don't forget the important things.
*ta *ta *for *now!


Ria said...

Thanks for the pics of your new home(for the next 9 months). Looks like a nice place. Have a good year!!!

Stephanie said...

That's awesome :) Is it an SPU apartment??

Lindsey Page said...

Thank Aunt Ria!
And yes Stephanie, its the Falcons right next to Emerson :)