Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lil Update...

Well i realized today that if i'm going to have a decent blog (per one of my goals) that maybe i should actually write on it! So i may as well give you all {all being 3 of you} an update on the exciting adventures of my life.
These days i have been having a blast working at Jamaica Me Tan with my Aunt Mandy! Super fun hanging out with her and seeing what she does.

Beautifying the salon with Sydney!
Snuggie ~ my other working companion
This past weekend my girl Chandler came up for a visit and we toured the great nation of Canada! {psst she is part of the reason i started blogging so check her out!} It was so much fun to catch up and now i can *not* wait to get back to Seattle!! But alas I did not take a single picture when she was here! Starting a blog was supposed to motivate me to take more photos! Hmmm guess that one is going to need a little work.... 
A wonderful weekend with such a fantastic friend was followed by a fierce game of frolf with dad and the boy. I think it's safe to say we are Pro Frolfers now. Then the boy "let" me beat him in one of my favorite games.
Well there's what i've been up to during these crazy warm days.
Catch ya on the flip side homies {don't i sound G?} :)

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Ria said...

Thanks for the update.
I kept waiting for the latest thoughts or life updates.
Keep it up. =)