Friday, September 23, 2011

If It Rolls Kick It (or bump it)......

.....if it doesn't kick it til it does.
This is just a quick update on the sporty kids of this family! 
And look actual pictures! 
Brother #1 and I are coaching Brother #2's LYS soccer team. It's been great to get to know these 12 boys and play soccer with them. Some....ok most... of the boys are defiantly better players than I am since I haven't actually played since I was the daisy picker in 3rd grade. There are such different personalities and attitudes on our team. It also helps me realize I won't be having kids for oh 60 years. Mom I salute you. And even though it was cold this game so you can't see them the coaches have some pretty rad t-shirts. 
What great coaches.
So concerned with the kickoff going on right behind them.....
No one told me my hood was flipped out so adorably. 
Super proud of our boys! (And my bro being a super duper coach for the boys) So far 2-1 record with another game this week! Hopefully I can sneak away from school to help with the second half of the season! 

And the only sibling not involved in the Blue team's adventures is Sister. She is busy working her butt off on varsity volleyball!
That would be her (#3). Stolen from the newspaper's pictures. 
It was fun to watch her play and she is an ace of a server! She's worked hard to get where she is and i dare say I taught her everything she knows :) Keep it up lil sis!

** PS ** Here are those SUPER cool shirts!

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