Friday, October 21, 2011

Another week of Capturing Joy!

Is it sad that I haven't posted except to share joy in my week? 
I dare say no it is not sad! 
At least I'm writing and it's happy! 
Ok moving on.... 
My lovely roommates and I headed out for a harvest party which even though there ended up being only about 12 people there it was a complete blast! We had so much fun and just were able to de-stress for a bit before midterms! 
One of my most favorite little places in Seattle!! If you can't read it says 'Royal Grinders' which translates to 'Super Amazing Food' They have the most delicious grinders (a type of sandwich) and *astounding* gelato!! 
It's a good thing there are so many hills here so I keep off those pounds :)
And my coffee girl and I went for a sunny day walk and for some yummy Starbucks :) 
It was fun to talk and laugh in the last warm rays of the year. 

I am just so happy to be back and learning and laughing with great people! 
There you have another week of joy! 

Once again linking up with Living in Yellow!

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