Friday, October 28, 2011

Capturing Joy {sorta}

So guess who didn't take any pictures this week in order to show you? 
So seeing as I bombed on taking new pictures I will go find a few other old pictures either I took or found from various sources that will summarize what else makes me happy these days! Away we go.....

Starting with my LYS team taking 1st place last saturday! 
Well I didn't have any photos of my team all together so just the coaches.... 
(WOW I just don't take any pictures!) 
 We are so proud of them! 

This quote also makes me smile :)
Just because it's so true! 
But i'm allowed to because i'm a college student right? It's almost required. 

This boy also makes me happy
yes I will be sappy but it's the truth
{i was thinking about avoiding this weeks post because i didn't have any pictures but he reminded me that I hadn't posted yet today and then there was no getting it out of it} 

Aaaaand with Halloween just around the corner
If we get pumpkins this year I may attempt to carve mine like this :) 

There ya have it! I'll try to be better this week about taking new pictures! 
And in parting a verse that has been a driving force for my life.

It's all in God's hands and it'll work out :)

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