Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Study Study Study

that is the life for me.... 
Of course I don't have any pictures of all the studying because i'm entirely too focused..... 
......and my camera batteries died. 
My classes are enjoyable and I'm doing well so far! 
It's funny how what you learn suddenly helps explain so much in life and I'm realizing just how everything overlaps. What i hear about in Psychology also works for Communication and for Stats (sorta). It is helping to solidify everything in my head! 
Studying has also been a good not so bad time because it means going to new coffee shops with friends and enjoying a good cup of coffee :) 
Also a big part of my life has been the 30 day shred.... 
..::enter doom music::..
My cali girl and I have been working hard just about everyday. 
{except saturdays, we can't seem to get together sat and work out}

Our downstairs neighbors actually came up the first day and complained about how loud it was! 
Apparently every time we move our floor/their ceiling squeaks *really* loudly. 
Now i'm afraid to walk or breathe too loudly lest they can hear it and bothers them! 
{over exaggeration here but still we are super careful now}
So we worked out a deal that we would only do the shred during a set amount of time. 
We just finished our 10 days on level 1 and started today on level 2 - wow it's tough! But I can already tell that i'm stronger which is great! Now just to get those 6 pack abs!! 

That would be most of my life as of right now. Throw in a bunch of laughs, long talks, baked goods, and good friends and thats what i got going on!  
Oh and getting to see the boy this last saturday, finally! I was so happy to see him and talk to him face to face again :) I could go on and on about what a wonderful day it was and I did to my roommate! 
It was such a treat and I am grateful for every minute :)
Just how excited are you that November is almost here?! 

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